Belmont US Member Completes Shas
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 16th January 2020

Mazeltov to Graham Morrison-Wood on completing the Daf Yomi cycle. He made a Siyum HaShas at Belmont Shul last Wednesday, probably the only member to have done so since the shul was first established. 

A number of people gave Divrei Torah and offered tributes, including Rabbi Daniel Roselaar of Alei Tzion shul (and former rabbi of Belmont), Rabbi Eli Levin of South Hampstead shul, son Gideon and daughter-in-law Ariella (via a pre-recorded video from Australia) and son Jacob. 

Close family/friend Russell Kett introduced the speakers and read out Rabbi Marc Levene’s Dvar Torah, who was unfortunately unable to attend due to an injury. 

Graham’s wife Julia, who organised the evening, encouraged him to begin Daf Yomi 7.5 years ago and was extremely proud of this immense achievement. 

A glutton for punishment, Graham has just begun the cycle again! We wish him every success with his learning. 

By Jacob Morrison-Wood