Belmont loves secrets
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Thursday 4th April 2019

More than 60 people attended Belmont’s latest successful Speakers’ Corner event. We heard about the 200 Jewish personnel who worked in Bletchley Park cracking Germany’s secret codes during WW2. Michael Kushner, one of Bletchley Park’s guides amazed us with the story of the significant number of brilliant young Jewish mathematicians, philologists and even chess players, from humble and privileged backgrounds alike, graduates of the UKs’ top universities who worked there. These quiet heroes played such critical roles in events from the successful deceptions on the D Day landings to the Battle of the Atlantic, with the successful onslaught on the U Boat fleet. We were surprised to learn there was an active Zionist society at Bletchley Park, a country house originally owned by the wealthy Jewish Leon family.  As part of a series covering events in the Second World War, the next guest will be Robert Hutton, author of Agent Jack, the man who was charged with deceiving potential 5th columnists. 

By David Lerner