Barnet Shul Chicken Soup Challenge - Mitzvah Day 2017
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 23rd November 2017

Fifteen members came at different times of the day to do everything from peeling and chopping veg, stuffing nets with chickens, labelling boxes, cooking the soup and decanting it.

The most fun appeared to be for those involved in making the Kneidlach which went into the soup. We must have made about 175 portions some of which has already been delivered to shiva houses and members who are ill in hospital. The rest will be frozen down and delivered out to elderly and ill members over the winter months. 

Many thanks to Project Chesed for the pots and labels. Many thanks also to Rebbetzen Ilana Epstein for the idea and agreement for this to be a Mitzvah Day activity. We were also reliant on the goodwill of the shul office and members for providing additional ingredients and Shefra Mehadrin for kindly donating the chickens.  

This was one of four activities that took place for Mitzvah day coordinated by the shul and led by Avis Shahar.  ​