Barnet bounces back
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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Under the leadership of Rabbi Dr Samuel Landau and Mayan Shoshana Landau, and with a group of over 70 willing and energetic volunteers, despite being without Shul services during lockdown, the Barnet Community excelled itself in providing a wide range of help and activities to all its members. These included telephone calls to all members and befriending of older and vulnerable members.

More than 200 members were helped with deliveries of shopping and medicines; Shabbat and essentials packs provided by the US delivered to those in need; home-made Shabbat Kiddush packs delivered to member’s homes as no kiddushim available in Shul; education online including Rabbi Landau’s Chasing Lullabies series on the weekly sedra and Mayan Landau’s weekly tea and tefilah for the ladies; weekly zoom Warden’s announcements; Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and the Rabbi’s weekly drosha delivered on zoom; daily Daf Yomi delivered on zoom; a zoom discussion over three weeks with a panel of three psychotherapists including our very own Rabbi. This explored problems encountered during lockdown such as home schooling, partner and marital relationships, and bereavement.

On the social side there has been a fortnightly podcast with interesting talks from members of our community; zoom bingo, a talent contest, and no-supper quiz. An all abilities cycle ride and treasure hunt are planned for the next few weeks.

As we move forward and Shul services are now allowed from Sunday 5 July we have services three times a day open to men and women. A daily halacha on Hilchot Shabbat (Laws of Shabbat) is given by Rabbi Landau and posted on WhatsApp for all members to appreciate. As many of our members are still shielding or have mobility issues all our online content will be continuing so they can be just as involved.

Rabbi Landau commented: “Necessity is the mother of invention - the need has been great and the innovation out of this world. Barnet has come together as a community in new spaces: the virtual world of Zoom, the comfort of a thoughtful telephone call, the closeness of a socially-distanced garden visit. We have cared for each other, found meaning in new ways of learning and sought wellbeing in these trying times. We continue forward, a new movement using ancient wisdom.”

By Paul Lang

Photo by: Paul Lang