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Annual Chairs Brunch inspires community leaders
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Thursday 22nd June 2017

On Sunday, the United Synagogue held its annual Chairs  and Vice- Chairs Brunch which was hosted by  St John’s Wood US.

Attendees had the opportunity to consult with US Trustees and senior staff at The US, receive updates on policies, funding and new initiatives, as well as sharing best practice with colleagues and peers from other US communities.

The programme also included an address on ‘Communicating Your Vision’ from International Media Consultant, Jason Pearlman, as well as a Q&A session with US President Steve Pack and the US Chief Executive Steven Wilson.

Jo Grose, Community Development Manager who helped coordinate the event, said: “I’m delighted that so many of our communities joined us today, working together on their strengths and challenges, in order to enhance the events and services that they currently offer to their members. We are so grateful to our lay leadership for all they do for our communities week in and week out and we are determined to continue doing everything we can to support them.”

Participant Karen Ackerman, Chair of Muswell Hill US, said: It was inspiring to be a part of the Chairs Brunch and come together with so many lay leaders from different communities.  All of the attendees are committed to growing their communities and see them flourish, with today being a major stepping stone in that direction. I would like to thank The US and their staff for their support, ideas and guidance”.