Alei Tzion and Kisharon go on a virtual tour of Israel
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 22nd October 2020

As part of Kisharon’s partnership with Alei Tzion United Synagogue, both communities joined an exclusive virtual tour of Israel which consisted of a concert, performed and hosted by the talented singer/songwriter Moshe Feiglin of Kadmon Tours. This was one of many events enjoyed by Kisharon during their Succot themed week.

Participants enjoyed the sights and sounds of Israel, were able to meet locals virtually and could request songs to be played resulting in a unique and fun night to remember and celebrate. Attendees commented that it was interesting to see another side of Israel from the comfort of their own homes and still socialise at the same time. 

Jason Taitz, Chair of Alei Tzion community, said: “It was great to have Alei partner with Kisharon to put on yet another successful joint event, continuing to bring our communities closer together”.

Aviva Braunold, Manager of Kisharon Vocational College said: “It has been wonderful to see so many people celebrating all together this week in a variety of ways. From the decorations and round challah making that people enjoyed bringing to their Yom Tov tables and to see the joy on everyone’s faces at the concert with Jonny Turgel, together with learning and connecting with others during the tour of Israel. It felt like a week of simcha and happiness for all.”