About USCC

About USCC

US Community Cares (USCC) is the welfare arm of the United Synagogue’s Chesed Department. We have over 1000 volunteers in over 40 of our communities.

Whether a home or hospital visit, helping with shopping, bereavement befriending, helping a new mum or walking an elderly member to shul, the US has literally hundreds of volunteers making a difference to the lives of their members. The support each community care group offer is based on the needs of their membership and the resources available. The USCC groups are supported by the US Chesed department with help, advice and support.

The USCC also provides, specific training courses throughout the year for co-ordinators and their volunteers, through specialist trainers. These include leadership and supervision for co-ordinators as well as induction and communication skills for volunteers. Courses are held at the US centre as well as also in local communities with volunteers from neighbouring shuls coming together for training.

These synagogue-based care groups work under the direction of a care co-ordinator, offering practical and emotional support to members on a daily basis. 

We can only develop our care groups with your help.  Most communities are in desperate need for additional volunteers.  Even if you can only spare half an hour or an hour, please do consider giving your time to your local community.  Get in touch and we can tell you more and link you to your local group.  Call us on 020 8343 5688 or email chesed@theus.org.uk.

US Chesed is conscious of our more vulnerable members over Jewish festivals. We therefore give Rosh Hashanah cards and honey cakes to those who may be isolated, unwell, recently bereaved or elderly.  It is a gesture to show that we care for all our members, particularly those who may not be able to get to Shul over the Yomim Noraim.  Many communities also telephone their older members at this time of year to see how they are, to wish them a Happy New Year and to see if they need any assistance from their local welfare group. Similarly, before Pesach, we send out food parcels and/or vouchers to those who are unable to afford the costs of Pesach. 

USCC also have a stillbirth support group which offer help and support to men and women who have suffered a stillbirth birth. For full details of the service and the helpline, please click here.

For more information or to get in contact with us please email Michelle Minsky, Head of US Chesed, or call  020 8343 5688.

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