92 years young: Aubrey Rose OBE wows Cockfosters
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Wednesday 13th February 2019

It’s not that he’s 92 and stood on stage.

It’s that he’s 92, stood on stage for an hour and was funny, erudite, inspiring, warm, delightful and a deeply blessed and uplifting man of immense talent, capability, empathy and intellect.

Aubrey Rose OBE’s potted life history is enough to fill several lifetimes and he displays absolutely no signs of slowing down.

In answer to a question on MONDAY 28th JANUARY at Cockfosters and N Southgate Synagogue’s CLC Programme about what he feels is the secret to a long and healthy life, he made this profound observation:

“The mind is the thing that uses the brain as a computer. It is your mind you must keep active and full of purpose, not your brain.

If you have purpose in life, and a goal to achieve, you will always stay young of mind.”

It was a privilege to be in his presence and he stills runs a weekly session at the University of the Third Age on spiritual healing that gets over 25 people a week. What a gift to witness his just being.

If you have the courage, just look at this Biography.... http://www.aubreyrose.org.uk/about.html.

He was followed, if that was even possible, by Fiyaz Mughal, who is a one-man anti-extremism campaigner, whose OBE demonstrates just how much he has done to fight extremism in many areas of British society.

His ideas and activities have targeted the most radical and those at risk of becoming radicalised and it was an important update to hear is view of where we are as a nation and the challenges coming up as the Brexit debate takes us into even more uncertain times.


What a day and what a gift it has been.

ברוך הוא וברוך שמו.

Thank God for the chance to see the wonderful people He has made.

by Rabbi Daniel Epstein

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