16th annual Isaiah Berlin Lecture at Hampstead Synagogue
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Tuesday 13th November 2018

Hampstead Synagogue held its 16th Annual Berlin Lecture this year addressed by renowned historian Professor Margaret Macmillan.

Her lecture was entitled "A Century Later: Does the Great War Matter in the Present?" She stated that history helps us to consider our future and to that extent the impact of World War 1 had been great. She said how prior to the war Europe had experienced an extraordinary period of peace whereas after the war she asked whether Europe had managed to damage its own civilisation "What if the war had not taken place?" she asked. "Had the war been a good thing?"

She reminded the audience that we now have international groups able to deal with disputes although we are now seeing an increase in nationalism. She stated how the late Isaiah Berlin had possessed the human instinct of all of us living in a community. After many questions Henry Grunwald thanked Professor Macmillan for presenting such an inspiring talk.

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