‘My Man in Damascus’ at Mill Hill
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 19th December 2019

500 people turned out at Mill Hill Synagogue to hear Nadia Cohen, wife of Israeli spy, Eli Cohen, recount her personal story about "My Man In Damascus." In a heartfelt interview, conducted by Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, Nadia spoke about her life with Eli, the mystique surrounding his various missions and the pain of losing him. Cohen's story was recently dramatised in a special show, "The Spy" prompting many people to want to hear this first-hand account. Rabbi Schochet told her: "Behind every great man is an even greater woman. Eli was a hero responsible for saving many lives. But you are every bit a hero in your own right as well." The event was organised by "Israel Engagement Hub" which was launched last year and to date has drawn more than 3000 people to its events. 

Photo: Esti Schochet, Nadia Cohen, Rebbetzin Chanie Schochet, Orli Lang

By Stacey Shurlin