‘Forgotten Soldier’ remembered at Mill Hill
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 30th January 2020

To mark National Holocaust Day, Mill Hill Synagogue invited Lady Irene Hatter to present her documentary on her father Solly Noach. The award winning film, ‘Forgotten Soldier’ features Noach, a Jewish Dutch national who used his position in the consulate to forge hundreds of ‘safe conduit’ passes, enabling over 600 Jews to escape deportation and certain death in the concentration camps.

Several hundred people turned out for the event and the follow on interview between Rabbi Schochet and Lady Hatter.

“It was both riveting and deeply moving,” Rabbi Schochet said of the event. “I am amazed the lengths Lady Hatter went to dig up the truth about her father – a truly unsung hero.”

By Stacey Shurlin