Arranging a Burial

Arranging a Burial


1. Notify the United Synagogue burial office on 020 8950 7767 IMMEDIATELY and leave your name, the name of the deceased and a contact phone number.

If the burial office is closed and you would like to speak to someone for advice only, please call 07957 119 119 (this service is not available on Shabbat or Yom Tov). 

Your loved one may have passed away on a Shabbat/Jewish Festival or out of office hours at home or in a private nursing home without mortuary facilities.  If you wish to have them removed from there before the Burial Society are able to collect them, there are various independent companies we would recommend who can help facilitate this request. Carmel Funeral Services, based in Stamford Hill, can be contacted on 020 8880 1655 and 07860 395 420. However this is an Orthodox company and not available to assist on Shabbat or Jewish Festivals.  Alternatively,  for North West or Central London, please contact Macleans Funeral Services, 01923 894 116.   For Essex or East London, please contact T Cribb and Sons, 020 7476 1855

Please note that all independent companies may be having capacity issues currently.   If they cannot assist and are unable to provide you with the name of an alternative company, you need to wait for the Burial Society to arrive.   Please ensure that you turn the heating off and open the windows in the room where your loved one is, and just cover lightly with a sheet.


Should you be charged for removal, please note that the Funeral Expenses Scheme will not cover these costs.

2. Notify the Rabbi (and voluntary Chevra Kadisha if your synagogue has one). This is optional as the Burial Office will do this.

3. Obtain a medical cause of death certificate from the doctor or hospital, stating the cause of death.   This may be issued electronically and sent directly to the registrar, please ask that this also be emailed to 

4. Speak to the Registrar for Births and Deaths in the vicinity where the death occurred.   They may make a telephone appointment with you or electronically issue the death certificate.   Again, please request that this is also sent to 

5. Advise the burial office once you have been issued with the relevant documentation.

6. Once funeral arrangements have been made the burial office will contact the Synagogue Administrator and liaise with the Rabbi about the funeral.   Please note that during the current coronavirus pandemic, you may be given as little as one hour’s notice of the funeral

7. Because of the Coronavirus crisis, only mourners are permitted to attend the funeral. To read more about how these changes, please click here.

You may find the following helpful: 

 A Brief Guide to Bereavement 


We wish you and your families, chayim aruchim, long life, and that your will be spared any further sorrow.

The United Synagogue Burial Society