Why Join The US

Why Join The US

Being part of a community is a great feeling. Knowing that you belong to a community that is there for you and your family both in times of need and of celebration. There are many benefits of joining us, which include having the opportunity to attend a fantastic, wide range of social and educational programmes and activities for all ages, as well as having access to religious services and guidance when required. Joining a US community is one of the best decisions you will make. Just take a look through this website at the enormous range of services and activites we provide for all ages.

The US has 60 great communities across Greater London and a little bit beyond. They all have their own unique flavour and are warm and welcoming. Each week across our communities there is so much happening. Visit our What’s On section to get a taste.  

So that we can tell you everything the community you are enquiring about has to offer just click the button below, chose the relevant membership and tell us a little more about yourself. Someone will get back to you shortly to help with your membership.

Thank you.



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Wednesday 11th December 2013