Promoting Excellence In Rabbis (P’EIR)

Promoting Excellence In Rabbis (P’EIR)

We all know just how important great Rabbis are to thriving local communities. Perhaps what you don’t know is that the US has a dedicated programme which provides training, skills enhancement, support and networking opportunities for its Rabbis. P’eir is headed by Rabbi Mordechai Ginsbury, Rabbi of Hendon United Synagogue and former Chairman of the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue (RCUS). P’eir (an acronym for ‘Promoting Excellence In Rabbis’, as well as a Hebrew word meaning ‘glory’) has now been running for more than a decade. In that time, it has worked to help ensure that US communities have Rabbis who are dynamic, motivated and effective as well as sensitive to members needs. 

P’eir arranges dedicated professional development days for rabbis, programmes for rebbetsens and supports ‘affinity groups’ for rabbanim involved in areas of common interest. It also facilitates ‘review and goal setting’ meetings for rabbanim and their lay leaders to promote good working relationships and effective strategic planning. 

These activities are arranged and supported by Rabbi Dr Julian Shindler (programmes director), Judy Markovic (rebbetsens’ co-ordinator) and Judith Rose (administrator). 

To contact P’eir – send an email to or phone 020 8457 1359