About US Women

About US Women

US Women is a voluntary group open to women members of the US aged 18 and over. Its purpose is to support all women members in all areas of their US life, generating opportunities for women to meet, communicate and learn from each other with an inclusive ethos. US Women develops educational and social programmes that bring women together providing information and networking opportunities.We promote equal opportunities for women to lead and manage our synagogue communities  and advocate on women’s views, when required, to community leaders and rabbonim. These initiatives and programmes  are  carried out with recognition of the range of different family structures and diverse circumstances in which women find themselves.

If you are interested in reading more about our projects, receiving our newsletter or joining our team please email us on uswomen@theus.org.uk

The US Women co-chairs also sit on the US Trustee Board, alongside two other elected Women Representatives Naomi Landy and Doreen Samuels.

Elections for the executive committee are held every three years. The most recent was in November 2012. To meet our team and enquire about our work, click here.

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